Cash Hungry Carl Kruger

Cash Hungry Carl Kruger is a New York boy, born and bred in the fine borough of Brooklyn. Elected in 1994, Kruger had headed the senate’s powerful Finance Committee in 2009-2010 – a position he had insisted upon when the Democrats took the majority in the 2008 election. He served on several committees, including as a Ranking Minority member on the Senate Committee on Aging, and as Chairman of the Senate Social Services Committee. He also was a member of the Crime Victims committee, which is funny, considering that he was charged with accepting more than $1 million in bribes in return for legislative favors. Sounds like we, the taxpayers, are a victim of his crimes.

A lobbyist funneled the bribe money to a bank account controlled by Kruger, who used it to pay for crucial things – things like improvements to a lavish Brooklyn estate, their flashy Bentley sedan, and other essentials for the crooked politician of discerning taste.

Cash Hungry Carl was charged along with seven others in the case. The federal indictment describes how he accepted bribes starting in 2000 in return for legislative favors.

The favors Cash Hungry Carl provided include the introduction of a bill to delay the start date of the expanded bottle bill, diversion of money to a prominent real estate developer’s Brooklyn projects, and advocacy for taxing tribal cigarette sales at the bequest of retailers.

In late 2011, Kruger pleaded guilty and later was sentenced to seven years in federal prison. His term began in June 2012.