Dishonest Roger Green

Remember the story of how young George Washington cut down a cherry tree, and then came clean to his parents? Roger Green would do well to reread it. He might also want to bone up on ol’ Honest Abe.

Albany’s District Attorney indicted Brooklyn Assemblyman Roger Green in 2004 on charges he had submitted false expense reports for more than 30 trips to Albany. Why did he think he would get away with it?

In his plea, Green admitted he was guilty of petty larceny and “filing a false instrument” in claiming expenses he hadn’t incurred. He also acknowledged that Correctional Services Corporation had paid for the rides instead. The Florida company sought to keep state contracts it had running halfway houses and paid a $300,000 fine for lobbying violations.

Green repaid $3,000 to the state, a $2,000 fine and was placed on probation. At Assembly Speaker Silver’s urging, Green resigned from his position but ran for the same seat later in the year. Voters returned him to the assembly for two years, which goes to show that even after being convicted of corruption, a crook can be re-elected.