Double Trouble Alan Hevesi

Alan Hevesi couldn’t learn his lesson. First, this joker lost his state-wide Comptroller post in 2006 after the Albany County District Attorney showed he had used state workers to chauffeur his wife, act as her aide and pick up the family’s dry cleaning. He avoided prison time for five years until he again pleaded guilty to a felony in 2011, this time for taking nearly a million dollars in exchange for assigning pension business.

In the 2006 case, Hevesi agree to step down after an investigation confirmed an accusation by his Republican election opponent, reported to the comptroller’s own fraud hotline. Hevesi eventually paid $206,000 in restitution and pleaded guilty to a felony.

But Hevesi did not avoid prison the second time around. He admitted to accepting “travel and hotel accommodations for himself and his family during trips to Israel and Italy, $380,000 in sham consulting fees paid to a friendly lobbyist and more than $500,000 in campaign contributions,” according to the New York Times. Hevesi approved a $250 million pension investment for Elliot Broidy, who gave him the gifts.

Hevesi’s former campaign manager, Hank Morris, was also convicted in the pension scandal. Cue Billy Joel: “And we would all go down together!”

Hevesi was sentenced to one to four years in state prison. Do you think he has a chauffeur to take him from his cell to the dining hall, and then drop off his dry cleaning?