Gaudy Gloria Davis

It was easy to get Bronx Assemblywoman Gloria Davis to do what you wanted. All you had to do was bribe her.

Manhattan’s District Attorney prosecuted Davis after a year-long investigation into bribery allegations. He charged she took $24,000 from a contractor who wanted a $880,000 contract to renovate an alcohol and substance abuse treatment center in her district. Davis had influence over the selection of a contractor.

Davis also admitted she had accepted free transportation to Albany for four years from a Florida company, Correctional Services Corporation. She said she had used her influence on the company’s behalf. Whoops!

In office for 22 years and majority whip when she was charged, Davis pleaded guilty in 2003 and resigned her position. She repaid $20,000 and was sentenced by Supreme Court Justice to 90 days in prison and five years probation.

We imagine her lifestyle isn’t as lavish these days.