Living Large Diane Gordon

City investigators captured Brooklyn Assemblywoman Diane Gordon on a wire promising to help a developer obtain city-owned property in exchange for a free luxury house in a gated community, which led to charges on nine counts in state court.

Call us crazy, but we didn’t think politics worked that way.

According to prosecutors, Gordon met repeatedly with the developer, an informant for the city’s Department of Investigation, about her desire to have a “dream” house built for her across the borough border in Queens. In return, she lobbied in 2004 and 2005 for him to get a $2 million parcel of city land. He also installed a new set of $600 doors in her local Assembly office. 600 dollars is a month’s rent for some apartments, just to put things in perspective.

Gordon resigned her Assembly post immediately after her conviction on two felony counts each of receiving bribes, official misconduct and “receiving rewards for official misconduct.” She was sentenced to two to six years and served 20 months, most of it in Beacon Correctional Facility.

Instead of having her picture taken for MTV Cribs, Diane Gordon got a mugshot.